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Moonshine Stills and E85 conversion Kits

It has been has been our experience that www.milehidistilling.com offers the largest inventory of Moonshine stills and moonshine still making supplies. If you are in the market for a moonshine still or supplies needed for making moonshine stills, such as turbo yeast, zeolite, hydrometers, gauges, enzymes or a complete moonshine still, then you should be looking at these products offered by Kermits Products LLC.



Moonshine Stills

Moonshining is done using small-scale stills. Typically, the stills are built by the moonshine producer, thus avoiding the legal ramifications of obtaining a still commercially. The pot is the traditional choice, being popular with early moonshine producers due to its simplicity and ease of construction. However, more efficient reflux stills are available to the modern moonshiner, either self-built, assembled from a kit, or purchased fully assembled. Lately, DIY-still designs have become widely available on the internet."Mile hi moonshine stills " and "kermitts product moonshine stills " are two web site's on the internet that offer moonshine stills.

Production and consumption of moonshine is possible without the use of stills when made with specialized yeast packages such as Alcotec 48, in which case the alcohol content will max out at 20% but yield much larger quantities, up to 25 liters per package. In this case the moonshine should be filtered, Brita filters work well, and left to settle the yeast for a few days, for better taste and smoothness.

We also encourage you to browse the other moonshine stills on the internet, we assure you that the products offered, fantastic customer service and quick shipping times offered by Kermits Products LLC, far exceed any other company in the world.

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